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I'm sorry for being gone so long!

2015-03-07 01:49:25 by Pozuu

I lost my computer back in January. So all the art I had is gone :P.
Luckily, I got a new one! It's been pretty rad so far. I was a bit rusty doing digital art when I started again, after not having a computer for almost 2 months. But hey, caught on quick!

Also, I'm going under a new username - KuroBatto. So if you see something signed by that name, it's mine. No need to be alarmed :D

Thank you all again for your patience. I'll post more art soon!



2014-11-03 16:24:48 by Pozuu


Once I finished the sketch, I'll send you what it'll look like! If you are satisfied, the payment can be made VIA Paypal.
After you have sent payment, I'll start inking and coloring!

I have 4 slots open as of now! If you are interested please note me here.

I can do Furry Head-shots as well! Sadly... not too good with Mecha ones. So they won't be taken! I apologize in advance!

Here are some examples of my work!  It'll be same quality and nothing less!!! Thank you in advance for commissioning me!!


Higher Quality can be found here in my DA account.


Today is a day.

2014-10-13 13:35:50 by Pozuu

Wow, I haven't made a post in a while....




So now that I've screamed into your internet ears, I'd like to say thank you for the new watchers and comments. Since I don't really say it too often, which is bad of me of course.
I'm also sorry I haven't uploaded as much artwork here. I'm slowly transitioning from Deviantart to here and various other sites because DA of lately has become trash. OOOOHH YEAH.

Also my job takes up time from my artworking schedule. Working at a movie theater is serious business. It's been getting busy because of the holidays and eck.

Today is also my birthday, which means I am one year closer to dying. Hurray.


Buy yeah. Sorry that I type a lot and for mistakes and that junk.




Oh man

2014-04-24 13:38:26 by Pozuu

My style flucuated again and now the coloring style I used doesn't fit it anymore.

Well shoot.


2014-04-07 05:34:33 by Pozuu

I didn't even know I could do this.

Well shoot.